NFinity Medical Fraud Paper Work Being Sorted

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A civil fraud lawsuit against nFinity Medical, nFinity Capital and Bruce Vermeulen is being reorganized to be filed with the US District Court of Northern Texas by Posture Pal inventor, Chris Geisert.

Chris Geisert, the inventor of the Posture Pal forward head posture cushion recently had a fraud, patent infringement and other complaints against Bernard Brown who is currently COO at Depo Energy in Dallas Texas.

Geisert dropped the lawsuit which was reaching the Discovery Phase due to the expensive ability to collect from someone who kept moving from apartments in hotels to other apartments in hotels and appeared to not have funds, making the ability for Geisert to become whole nearly impossible.

Geisert later found out that Bernard Brown was in fact President of Depo Energy, a subdivision of Demand Pooling Inc. run by Richard Aland.

Richard Aland was informed about the fraud lawsuit regarding Bernard Brown and told Geisert that he had fired him. After doing some research, it was found that Richard Aland lied about firing Bernard Brown from a document obtained by the Public Utility Commission of Texas in fact showing Bernard Brown as COO of Depo Energy.

Geisert is currently re-organizing all of his previous court documents that were filed with the US District Court of Northern Texas and will be filing a new Fraud complaint which may also include nFinity Medical, nFinity Capital and Bruce Vermeulen. Mr. Vermeulen has the chance of filing against Bernard Brown. Mr. Vermeulen claims to not have been paid by Bernard Brown.

Bruce Vermeulen sent a document to Geisert showing that nFinity Capital may have been involved in the fraudulent scheme and was lying about not getting paid.

The lawsuit may or may not also include Depo Energy.

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